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We are growing everyday, reaching new facilities and labs and improving their imaging experience.

Work on the future of
confocal microscopy

We are customer-focused and create new microscopy solutions that challenge the market and help scientists deliver new discoveries. Our mission is to help researchers make breakthrough discoveries by offering them clever designed imaging solutions. Together with all our partners, we collaborate and share our goals, reaching every scientist, anywhere across the globe.

Work on the future of confocal microscopy
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Would you like to work in a creative and supportive atmosphere with a fast-paced rhythm? As a team member of, you will be working on the future of microscopy alongside a young and dynamic team. Together we will create the best imaging solutions.

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Pim Vos

Chief Executive Officer
What he likes most about
“That our team always aims to simplify and improve the imaging experience for scientists as users, across the world.”

Erik Manders

Co-founder and the inventor
When asked “What drove you to develop the RCM?”, Erik replies:
“I wanted to build an optics-only microscope with higher sensitivity and resolution than standard confocals to avoid image processing. The image that you get on the screen is a direct image of your sample, there is nothing in between, only light. This gives biologists more control of the imaging.”


Chief Financial Officer

Peter Drent

Founder and Sales & Marketing Manager

Mariliis Tark-Dame

Chief Operating Officer
What do you enjoy most about working at
“I love the potential our products have to support scientists in their research. I love structure and organization, and the signs of success of our team and our customers.”