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Fast & deep 3D live cell imaging

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What is NL5?

Fast & deep 3D live cell imaging

NL5 uses vintage technology from the eighties, now combined with modern cutting-edge digital technology, to create a fast confocal microscope with high resolution and perfect sensitivity. A slit pinhole, together with an extremely sensitive sCMOS camera as detector, make NL5 the perfect tool for fast and deep 3D live cell imaging.

Point-scanning confocal systems are commonly used, but their speed is limited. NL5 contains a slit pinhole that increases acquisition speed dramatically by scanning a full line at a time instead of a point. Due to the speed of the scanner, your samples will not be exposed to the laser for a long time, preventing photobleaching and phototoxicity. In addition, the high quantum efficiency of the modern sCMOS camera conjoined with NL5, allows for utilizing low laser power. Therefore, a high signal-to-noise ratio image can be captured without signs of phototoxicity or bleaching.

NL5 video overlay
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Max projection of a stack in time with 1000 frames per color HUVEC labeled for SPY505-DNA, SPY555-Actin and SPY650-Tubulin Sample courtesy of Philippa Phelp (Boon’s Lab) Physiology department. VUmc Amsterdam

NL5 comparison Spinning disk comparison

Volvox autofluorescence 561 excitation channel. Image acquired 90 microns away from the coverslip 100x 1.5 objective was used with both systems

Contrary to spinning-disk systems, another advantage of NL5 and its slit pinhole is that it does not lead to pinhole crosstalk when imaging deep within the sample. NL5 reaches 240 nm lateral resolution which can be easily converted into 170 nm with on the fly deconvolution.

NL5 is an excellent add-on to any research microscope. It allows for converting a wide-field system into a fast scanning confocal with high resolution and sensitivity.

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Perks of NL5
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