Click & Go, Walk-in Demo sessions

Noelia Muñoz-Martín, PhD. Product specialist at has launched a new series of events. Every Thursday online, our experts will be ready to help anyone that shows up into the event.

demonstration rcm

We are missing the atmosphere of conferences where the attendees had the option to have a quick look, stay for the demo or enjoy discussing with the experts about the technology and commercial possibilities. We adapt quickly to new circumstances and this is the reason why we have created this series of events.

People register through an easy form and receive a link that they can click any moment between 1 and 2 PM CEST. When they click, people go into a room with Marilyn Teder, our product support specialist, that will find out the needs of the visitor and send him/her to the most appropriate room. Visitors will choose the topic and the time they want to stay. 

So, don’t be shy and visit us any Thursday!

We have 3 different rooms available and the topics are flexible.

  • Jeroen Kole (Product application specialist) is always ready to perform a live demo with the RCM2 focusing on the specs that the person is interested in. 
  • Noelia Munoz-Martin (Product specialist) will be open to give an introduction to the technology and discuss the benefits and applications of the RCM imaging system.
  • Peter Drent (Sales & Marketing Manager) has a long experience in microscopy and will kindly explain the working principle of RCM and discuss any commercial questions. 

As a visitor, you can always move between the different rooms to make the most out of this event.

Register now and book the time in your calendar!

We are willing to see you there!

click and go demonstration rcm

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