signed the Eurostars DETECtOR project

Signed, sealed and delivered: Eurostars DETECtOR project

“DEep TissuE re-scanning confocal microscopy” (abbreviated DETECtOR) is a breakthrough that will lead to a technology that converts the existing confocal microscopes into an instrument with 40% better resolution.

The new system can work perfectly in the infrared (700 – 1000nm) wavelength range, allowing the users to image 1 mm deep into the tissue or the specimen without the need for any specialised equipment other than a conventional microscope setup with a low-power (no damaging) laser. 

Today we finalised the collaboration agreement and the project will start from Monday!

Full list of partners in the project include the University Medical Center Göttingen, University of Amsterdam, Omicron-Laserage® Laserprodukte GmbH, and who is leading the project.

NB! is looking for collaborators for this project! Are you planning to work with dyes and fluochromes in the 700-1000nm excitation wavelength range? Would you like to do it on a confocal microscope? Contact me! 

We are also looking for a Product Development Engineer converting the ideas and concept from the lab into a commercial product!

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