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Lead Engineer Software

Role: Lead Engineer Software
Company: Confocal.nl
Location: Amsterdam
Level: Development, reports to Chief Technology Officer

About the role

The Lead Engineer Software is in the lead of the software development of Confocal.nl. As a lead engineer you will lead the software design of new products: from making the first sketches of ideas, towards design, development, construction and testing of prototypes up to building and testing the final product that will be introduced into the market. For good product development it will be important to easily interact and align with your technical team members, but also good communication with customers and members of the commercial team will be crucial. Products that will be developed will cover the field of optical microscopy techniques and will be based on the re-scan technology. You will work closely together with the Lead Engineer Software and the Product Manager to develop a product that meets the needs of the customer.

The Lead Engineer Software reports directly to the CTO and is a member of the development team. The tasks and responsibilities will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Defining and executing the software development roadmap.
  • Responsible for all the software developments of Confocal.nl
  • Planning the tasks to be done and keeping track of the progress.
  • Making sure right processes are followed: system requirements, writing code, proper documentation,
  • verification, validation, production manuals and the technical part of operational manuals.
  • Executing the product development roadmap from a software perspective.
  • Stay up to date with the latest software developments of the industry.
  • Coordinates second line software support.
  • Guarding the quality of the product.
  • Management of the stakeholders related to software development
  • Leading the software engineering team.

The ideal candidate:

  • Holds a MSc degree in Computer Sciences/Embedded Systems or equivalent.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in leading a team of software engineers.
  • Experience in designing (embedded) software systems, preferably microscopy systems.
  • Background in image processing and machine learning.
  • Strong both theoretical, practical and social skills.
  • Independent, creative, pragmatic and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Holds a B-driver’s license valid in the EU or is willing to acquire in due time.
  • Can translate customer needs to a desired product.
  • Background in microscopy and imaging and/or in the biological is a plus.
  • Team player.

About Us

Confocal.nl started as a company in 2016 and has grown now to a team consisting of 18 highly skilled specialists, commercial application specialists, engineers and business developers. Confocal.nl aims to improve the imaging experience of scientists with a confocal microscope system based on the re-scan invention: the Re-scan Confocal Microscope (RCM). RCM combines the super-resolution capability with higher sensitivity than most confocal microscopes. The re-scan technology was developed by Dr. Erik Manders at the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences of the University of Amsterdam. Dr. Manders is also one of our founders.

This technology converts a standard microscope into a super-resolution microscope for three-dimensional confocal imaging, which is ideal for small live cell imaging labs. It also has good potential as a working-horse at industries and microscopy facilities to increase the imaging capacity. The simple technical design and open architecture make the system platform- and software independent which allows plug-and-play upgrading of any standard fluorescence microscope.

Confocal.nl is globally active through direct sales activities and through distributors. The company has recently launched a second microscope (RCM2) and a third microscope (NL5) and continues to invest in new product development with additional launches in the years ahead. The product and company development is funded through Technano Fund and UvA Ventures.

Confocal.nl’s mission is to improve the microscopy imaging experience of all researchers and help them deliver breakthrough discoveries.

Confocal.nl’s Core values

  • Curious; We look beyond the known
  • Proactive; We are in constant movement to achieve our goals
  • Cooperative; Each team member adds value and together we build bigger results
  • Customer focused; We make sure that customers have a good experience at any moment

Join our team!

If you think you can make a great contribution to our team, contact Erdal Demir erdal@confocal.nl with your resume and cover letter. For more information call +31642335713.

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