Time to go, time to come!

Yesterday was quite a day for us, when three of our master students from University of Amsterdam / confocal.nl presented their work in front of their families and colleagues.

Stan, Alesha and Thomas (from left to right) presenting their work.

First of them was Stan, who presented his work with the near-infrared (NIR) confocal (RCM-NIR). It was very nice initial work on the application, and probably the first NIR confocal / super resolution work ever!

Then Alesha talked about her work in lipid vesicle imaging that was performed in collaboration with the University of Maastricht. Nice comparison work between RCM and regular confocal.

And last, Thomas presented his results from comparing the 3D time lapse RCM and SIM data stacks. Thank you Thomas, this was a good advertisement for RCM!

Of course is pity to see you guys go, you were very inspiring to work with! Good luck with your future careers!

But – it was not only a sad day yesterday for us, because two people also joined the confocal.nl team! Stan decided to take a break from studies and join the confocal.nl for a year, to continue his RCM-NIR project, but also to help with field service! He signed his contratc yesterday.

Stan signing the contract with Confocal.nl, to continue developing the RCM-NIR, and provide help with service.

The other person joining the team is Carla Kalkhoven. She also signed her contract yesterday, and will be joining the confocal.nl team from the 1st of August as the sales manager!

Carla signing contract with confocal.nl to become our sales manager.

I am very happy that these two young, bright and talented people decided to join us!

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