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Value Creation Capital provides expansion capital for next generation microscopy technology company

Amsterdam / Bilthoven, August 30th, 2018 introduces a new microscope based on RE-SCAN technology developed at the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences of the University of Amsterdam. This innovative technology converts a standard microscope into a super-resolution microscope for three-dimensional confocal imaging: the Re-scan Confocal Microscope (RCM). RCM combines the super-resolution capability with drastically higher sensitivity than most confocal microscopes. It is available as a highly affordable and customized device, which is ideal for small labs with specific interests in biomedical research but also as a working-horse at microscopy facilities. The simple technical design and open-architecture makes the system platform- and software independent which allows plug-and-play upgrading of any standard fluorescence microscopes.

The investment will enable to strengthen its leading position in the scientific research market and expand its business in emerging life sciences, pharma- and industrial markets. Furthermore, this investment allows to strengthen its development team and improve and expand its product portfolio.

During the last few years we see a shift from purchase new microscope systems to upgrading existing microscopes within institutes to more efficiently use their funding” says Peter Drent, CEO of

Dr Erik Manders, CTO of the company and inventor of the technology, explains: “Researchers are interested in our products not only because of the high image quality but also because it is easy-to-use, affordable and an innovative solution. Thanks to the investment of Value Creation Capital, we will be able to accelerate our growth and further develop the market.

Value Creation Capital (VCC) invests in companies who are active in high-tech (TechNano Fund), cyber security (Security of Things Fund), business software, data intelligence and IT managed services. VCC has been founded in 2005 by serial entrepreneurs who built several fast-growing ICT and tech companies that were subsequently sold. “Given the enormous market of microscopy industry and the drive for higher resolutions and performance the Rescan Add-on can be of tremendous value for customers”, explains Willem van den Berg, Managing Partner of Value Creation Capital.

Van den Berg: “’s modules allow for high sensitive, substantially better resolution and speed based on rescan technology”.

UvA Ventures Holding works with the University of Amsterdam technology transfer office (IXA – UVA) to identify exciting early stage innovations and build them into fast growing sustainable companies. Peter Krijnsen, CEO of UvA Ventures, adds “On behalf of UvA-IXA, UvA Ventures Holding and the shareholders of, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Value Creation Capital. We highly value their significant experience and track record especially in the optics domain, and we feel that with this strategic investment is well positioned to accelerate their sales and marketing efforts”.

For more information: B.V. Peter Drent (CEO): +31 650 543244

Value Creation Capital B.V./TechNano Fund B.V. Willem van den Berg: +31 30 225 3506

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