PK Mito Red dye for mitochondrial imaging!​

Super-resolution mitochondrial imaging

PK Mito Red/DeepRed dye is ideal for mitochondrial imaging. This red dye allows for minimally phototoxic fluorophores for mitochondrial imaging and analysis in live cells. Get your own now!

Step up your mitochondrial imaging game with
PK Mito Red dye

PK mito red imagining

PK Mito Red enables ultra-long time-lapse recording of mitochondrial dynamics. Time-lapse SR imaging of mitochondria in COS-7 cells using Hessian-SIM. Source:

Benefits of PK Mito Red dye

Higher signal with less light

Get your own
PK Mito Red dye!

Choose the dye of your preference, PK Mito Red or PK Mito Deep Red. Shipping costs are not included in the price. Once you complete your order, you can expect your PK Mito Red dye within 20 days. 

PK MitoRed (25 nmol)

PK MitoDeepRed (25 nmol)

PK mito red compare

Mitochondrial imaging in live cardiomyocytes. Adult rat cardiomyocyte labeled with PK Mito Deep Red and Hoechst.