Super resolution for live cell imaging


Thanks to its patented REscanning confocal technology, GAIA Point REscan is a super resolution microscope enabling deep live cell imaging beyond the diffraction limit using only nanowatts of power. Our Point REscan is available in two versions, streamlined GAIA α and flagship GAIA λ.

GAIA device header

Image wide in super resolution

REvolutionary REdesign of REscan technology in GAIA provides more than double the field of view in the sample plane compared to its predecessor. As a consequence, GAIA enables super resolution imaging over a large FoV and using a wide range of objectives (30X -100X). For the best images high NA objectives are a must.

Image super wide resolution

Fibroblasts (30X 1.05NA): Actin 640nm (yellow), Tubulin 561nm (white), Mitochondria 488nm (magenta), Nucleus 405nm (cyan).

Image deep in super resolution

Combination of low laser power requirements, high sensitivity of the detector and a novel optical design present in GAIA Point REscan, enables super resolution beyond 500μm of depth. This makes GAIA Point REscan confocal a perfect solution for live cell super resolution imaging of even thicker specimens like cleared tissue, whole zebrafish embryos, organoids and spheroids.

Deep in super resolution

Optic tectum of Zebrafish. Image courtesy of Bram Willems (Brinks Lab, TU Delft).

GAIA pinhole size chart

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Our flagship GAIA λ has a switchable pinhole, ensuring flexibility, sensitivity and optimal confocality.

Nyquisting every objective and adding fast multicolor imaging over a large FoV gives raise to the most light-efficient super resolution confocal system on the market.

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Microtubule growth with live cell imaging beyond the diffraction limit

Video curtesy of Ronald Breedijk, University of Amsterdam

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Camera (sCMOS)
Resolution in real time
120 nm deconvolved, 170 nm raw image
Detector sensitivity
Up to 96% QE
FN18: 330×330 μm in super resolution using 40x objective
Speed in line scanning
3 fps at 512 x 512 px, 30 fps in sprint level max at 256 x 256 px
VIS+NIR (400-1100 nm)
Micromanager, SDK available for integration on request
Microvolution (real time); SVI Hyugens (post processing)
Super resolution, Widefield, Brightfield
Emission filter
Single band filter wheel, optional quad band only
Motorized single band filter wheel
All commercially available bodies
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