Enhance fluorescence

Enhance your fluorescence signal with XFold nanotechnology

XFold Imaging microscope slides/cover slips contain advanced nanostructures on the top surface that enhance fluorescence, especially when using laser/LED excitation. This innovative solution enables the study of cellular structures, bio-molecules and viruses at enhanced sensitivity and accuracy.

Step up your game with XFold slides

Discover how to further reduce phototoxicity using XFold imaging slides

Control slide XFold Slide

Dilution of SARS-COV 2 virus, 1:1000 on the Xfold slide  & immunostained for Spike protein (Alexa 488 – blue)

Control slide Xfold slide

HUVEC cells stained for SPY505 DNA and SPY555 actin (spirochrome). Images acquired with RCM2 & 40x 1.4 NA. Laser power settings and LUT settings were the same for both datasets.
Sample courtesy: Philippa Phelp (Boon lab), Amsterdam UMC, location VUMC

Benefits of the XFold slides

Higher signal with less light

Step up your game with XFold slides

Choose an amount of slides you want to order, ranging from 1, to 5, to 40 XFold slides. Shipping costs (€ 4,95) are not included in the price. Once you complete your order, you can expect your XFold slides within 20 days.

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