5 channels, Visible

plus Near-Infrared 

(NIR) Imaging

RCM2:5 blurry RCM2:5 clear

5 channels, Visible plus Near-Infrared (NIR) Imaging

RCM2.5 is the next big thing in confocal microscopy. Building on the existing RCM2 platform, we have developed a version that can utilize up to 5 lasers; extending over the Visible and Near-Infrared (NIR). Moreover, RCM2.5 enables you to use the latest advances in NIR dye development and look much deeper into your specimen. Experience complete experimental freedom and flexibility with our RCM2.5. 


Improve your imaging experience with RCM2.5

Discover the way RCM2.5 improves your imaging experience

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The benefits of using RCM2.5

With a 5th channel, you can expand your experiment with an extra label, enabling you to see more details and gather even more relevant information. The NIR window allows for deeper imaging in biological specimens. Our re-scanning technology improves the lateral resolution of the microscope also at 785 nm, allowing higher resolution imaging compared to traditional confocal microscopes. Moreover, the camera-based detection in the RCM has a much higher efficiency compared to PMTs. With RCM2.5, you’ll work more efficiently, save time, and most importantly: produce high contrast images of the best image quality you can imagine. Acquiring fluorescent images has never been easier. 

Discover the way RCM2.5 improves your imaging experience

Applications for RCM2.5

High resolution & low phototoxicity

RCM2.5 is a very easy-to-use confocal microscope system, a system of great added value for any microscopy facility. This confocal microscope offers up to 95% Quantum Efficiency, whereas most other confocal microscopes only reach 20%. The RCM2.5 is characterized by the freedom and flexibility of being able to change the camera depending on the application. Moreover, the ability to conduct Near Infrared (NIR) Imaging is ideal for researchers working in the field of molecular biology and imaging, as this advanced system allows you to work efficiently with infrared probes.

Discover the way RCM2.5 improves your imaging experience

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RCM2.5: technical specs

Camera (sCMOS)
Resolution in real time
120 nm *
Detector Sensitivity
up to 96% QE
FN12: 220×220 µm (40x objective), FN18 when not using super resolution
2 fps at 512 x 512 px, 15 fps in sprint level max at 256 x 256 px
standard VIS (400-700 nm), optional VIS-NIR (400-950 nm) with RCM2.5
Micromanager, Inscoper, Volocity, NIS Elements, SDK available for integration on request
Deconvolution with
Microvolution (real time); SVI Hyugens (post processing)
Super Resolution, Confocal, Widefield, Brightfield
Emission filters
standard penta band, optional external single band filter wheel

*after deconvolution, raw image = 170nm

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