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RCM1 - Stock Clearance Promotion

Did you ever want a Confocal super-resolution on your existing widefield microscope, but did not have the budget? Then now is your chance with up to 50% discount on the RCM 1! contact us for your personal offer!

RCM1 is a highly sensitive super resolution confocal add on system. It’s capable of reaching a 120nm resolution after deconvolution (170nm raw). Studying living cells in high details with minimal phototoxicity and photobleaching.

RCM1 enables you to investigate live-cell dynamics in high resolution while keeping the laser power extremely low. Its high sensitivity makes RCM exceptionally suitable for challenging biological applications where the signal is limited.

RCM1-NIR version facilitates deep tissue biomedical imaging, achieving much higher sensitivity in the near-infrared wavelengths than other systems. It works with 640nm and 785nm wavelengths which, due to the longer wavelength, are less phototoxic and penetrate much better into biological samples.

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RCM1: Stock Clearance Promotion

Promo A
RCM1 unit, Nidaq card and trigger cables
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Promo B
Promo A + including Lasercombiner 405, 488, 561, 638 Tucson FL20BW camera
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Promo C
Promo A + Lasercombiner 405, 488, 561, 638 Prime BSI Express camera
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Extra Options

  • 3rd party software integration
  • Upright Microscope attachment
  • Installation and service
  • C-mount for Microscope
  • Special broadband version with NIR and laser with 785

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