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The fact that allows for super-resolution in combination with very low laser intensity will be the winning strategy in live cell imaging.

hours of live-cell imaging
nanowatt excitation power
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Sharp images, a large field of view and easy to use? It’s possible with Get more from your samples, with a higher resolution and a higher sensitivity than conventional confocal microscopes and study live samples longerOur Re-scanning Confocal Microscope (RCM) uses multiple laser pointers and a camera as a detector. The low laser power required is live cell friendly: it prevents phototoxicity in your live samples and photobleaching of your fluorophores. Creating long-term time lapses at a super-resolution was never this accessible.

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Camera-Based Confocal Technology

Re-scan Confocal Microscopy (RCM) is a new super-resolution technique, based on standard confocal microscopy. It’s extended with an optical re-scanning unit that projects the image directly on a CCD- or sCMOS camera. By using a sensitive camera as detector, the signal-to-noise ratio of the RCM is 4 times higher than in standard PMT-based confocal microscopes. This new technology improves lateral resolution and strongly increases sensitivity, while maintaining the sectioning capability of a standard confocal microscope. Closing down the pinhole is no longer necessary to increase resolution thanks to the re-scan step.

It is excellent for biological applications where a combination of super-resolution and high-sensitivity is required.

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NL5+ with telescope


NL5+ has an additional filter, placed on top of your confocal system. Get high-contrast images from thicker specimens and create long time-lapse experiments for the imaging of low-signal samples.

mockup RMC 2


RCM2 is, like the RCM1, a highly sensitive super-resolution confocal system. It uses digital scanning technology and bigger optics, which allows for brighter images and even lower laser power. Capture more biology with the same resolution.
mockup RCM 1


RCM1 is a highly sensitive super-resolution confocal system. It’s capable of reaching a 120nm resolution after deconvolution (170nm raw). Study living cells in high detail with minimal phototoxicity and photobleaching.
mockup RMC2.5


RCM2.5 is our upgraded version of the RCM2, with a 5th additional laser. This version utilizes up to 5 lasers, extending over the Visible and Near-Infrared (NIR). Moreover, RCM2.5 enables you to use the latest advances in NIR dye development and look much deeper into your specimen. Experience complete experimental freedom and flexibility with our RCM2.5.
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NL5 is a fast line-scanning Confocal system with high sensitivity and resolution. It allows to quickly acquire multiple multicolor images, with minimal phototoxicity.
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We kept cells alive for 61 hours under a microscope

The community challenged us

We took the challenge of long term live cell imaging and this is the result: 61 hours of live cell imaging without phototoxicity. HO1N1 cells expressing M itochondria-RFP through the Bacmam expression system. One image was taken every 10 seconds for 61 hours (giving a total of almost 22.000 images!). Laser power was measured to be 1 microwatt at the sample plane.

Movie taken by, sample courtesy Dandan Ma (ACTA, Amsterdam), equipment provided by Marko Popovic (Nikon Center of Excellence, Amsterdam University Medical centers, VUmc, Amsterdam.)

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Founded in 2016, strives to improve the microscopic imaging experience of all researchers. With our international and open-minded team, we develop innovative and ingenious designs in cooperation with our users, we provide the most user-friendly upgrade technology for microscopes. This brings opportunities to researchers to deliver breakthrough science. With the passion we have for science we create value for all our stakeholders.

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