Live cell imaging

Studying living cells by

using time-lapse microscopy.

Let sharp imaging be a reality

Getting a better understanding by studying cellular dynamics and their biological functions. That’s why live cell imaging matters. You get a time-lapse by taking one image every few seconds, for a long period of time. At Confocal, we did this for 61 hours without phototoxicity. Seeing them in super-resolution while keeping a low laser intensity is key and something you can experience with just one upgrade!

You can be a part of the future of microscopy with our winning strategy.
Let sharp live cell imaging be a reality with Confocal. Our low laser power ensures our products are friendly for live cell imaging. This ensures creating long time-lapses will be more accessible than ever. Your live samples won’t get hurt by phototoxicity and photobleach won’t hurt your fluorescent
images anymore.

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Mitosis captured with RCM2. HUVEC cells stained with SPY505-DNA (green), SPY555-actin (red) and SPY650-tubulin (yellow).

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You can take a deep dive into live cell imaging and learn all about this matter. Discover our blogs and
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Upgrade your microscope

Thanks to our solutions, you get the best live cell imaging experience there is.
With ingenious designs, it’s easy to give your microscope an upgrade.

mockup RCM 1


RCM1 is a highly sensitive super-resolution confocal system. It’s capable of reaching a 120nm resolution after deconvolution (170nm raw). Study living cells in high detail with minimal phototoxicity and photobleaching.

mockup RMC 2


RCM2 is, like the RCM1, a highly sensitive super-resolution confocal system. It uses digital scanning technology and bigger optics, which allows for brighter images and even lower laser power. Capture more biology with the same resolution.

mockup RMC2.5


RCM2.5 is our upgraded version of the RCM2, with a 5th additional laser. This version utilizes up to 5 lasers, extending over the Visible and Near-Infrared (NIR). Moreover, RCM2.5 enables you to use the latest advances in NIR dye development and look much deeper into your specimen. Experience complete experimental freedom and flexibility with our RCM2.5. 

mockup NL5


NL5 is a fast line-scanning Confocal system with high sensitivity and resolution. It allows to quickly acquire multiple multicolor images, with minimal phototoxicity.  

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Opt for optimal optics

Like many experts, you can use the best products to capture live cell imaging. Our products excel when a combination of super-resolution and high sensitivity is needed. Other benefits include a RAW image of 170nm (with a further improvement to 120nm) and a clever design, which makes them very easy to use.

Get your brochure now and explore how our top-notch solutions improve your imaging experience. Join the future of microscopy with the key winning strategy in live cell imaging.

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