Moments from Bangalore microscopy course

The IXth Bangalore Microscopy course took place at the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore, India, 17-24 September. This highly practical course brought together world leaders in biological microscopy, both scientists, as well as manufacturers of state-of-the art equipment, and combined the lectures with hands-on sessions. The topics covered during the course ranged from basic microscopy to super-resolution techniques, the latter was represented by prof. Erik Manders, cofounder of, and the Re-scan Confocal Microscope.

Some of the nice moments from that course:

Erik explaining the students the Re-scan principle during the workshops.


Zheng, Amit and Erik take care of last alignment of the “home-made” laser that was coupled into the RCM-box. Even with this home made laser the image quality was OK, but still better to use a standard laser-box next year…


During the Bangalore course, students learn how the microscope works. And there is no better way to learn that than building one from the scratch. This group managed to build a microscope that included a condensor, field stops, apertures and camera. It was not only educative, but also great fun!!


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