The first publication with RCM

The beginning of this year gave us an important milestone – the first scientific publication with images taken by RCM was published:

de Leeuw, Hessel & Piersma: Look-alikes may not act alike: Gene expression regulation and cell-type-specific responses of three valproic acid analogues in the neural embryonic stem cell test (ESTn). Toxicology Letters, Volume 303, 15 March 2019, Pages 28-37.


Murine embryonic stem cells differentiated into neurons and supporting cells. Blue = DAPI, Green = VGlut2, which is a marker for synaptic vesicles that reside in neurons. Red = beta-III-tubulin. Images courtesy of Victoria de Leeuw, de Leeuw et al 2019.

Please send us your publications and images taken with RCM: we value your research!

Please use following reference to provide background to the use of RCM in your publication:
RCM technology: De Luca et al (2013) Biomed Opt Express.
RCM is a product of B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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