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At Confocal.nl, we believe in matching our users’ expectations and needs to best use their existing light microscopes and accessories and build the most cost-effective 3D imaging confocal microscope possible. For this we use the unique technique of Re-scan Confocal Microscopy (RCM). This was developed by Dr Erik Manders while leading his Innovative Microscopy Lab at the University of Amsterdam. Now, as CTO of our company, Confocal.nl, Erik, in partnership with experienced microscopy entrepreneur Peter Drent,  brings a new approach to bring better microscopy solutions to the market through simple, no-nonsense technology. Erik explains how we do it.

“The team at Confocal.nl has extensive experience in the field of microscopy, both in terms of technology and commercial acumen. We have learned to listen to colleagues and clients. We believe we are able to deliver accessible, easy-to-use solutions with better resolution, sensitivity and reproducibility. We also believe that users of microscopy want to have (improved) confocal microscopy performance at a price that is accessible to them. When we talk to prospective users about their imaging expectations, we start by finding out about their current instrumentation. This core information enables us to propose a custom-designed solution at a most affordable price point. Why dispose of perfectly functioning fluorescent microscopes, cameras and lasers when you can upgrade their performance with our Re-scan Confocal Microscopy module? From our growing, worldwide user base, we are confident we have found the best approach: to deliver a turnkey solution using our unique technology where we maximize photon collection and do so at a price a fraction of buying other commercial 3D confocal imaging solutions.”

Supporting these views, CEO Peter Drent says “We promise to improve your imaging experience guaranteeing image quality and a positive, friendly user experience.”

Please submit information on your current equipment, and get a custom-designed upgrade solution. 

Erik Manders in the optics lab

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